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Matina Skin Care Solutions believes that truly healthy skin involves two very important aspects. The first one is to consume a protective environment for your skin as this promotes moisture. The second is to retain the moisture that will bind your skin so it will remain hydrated, smooth and calm. Both of our products are derived from botanical extracts which significantly help with antioxidant repair and skin care hydration. This unique and tested European formula which consists of natural ingredients will not only offer relief for you but will also leave you with well-nourished and hydrated skin.

So vital are the ingredients found in our products that they will lead you into healthy skin making you feel confident and content, giving you the comfort of beauty.

Maria S.

Why is this product good for you?

This unique European formula that consists of botanical extracts will help with antioxidant repair and hydration allowing your skin to feel more rejuvenated.

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Safe for the whole family.

This antioxidant formula is beneficial for the whole family as it soothes, protects and refreshes keeping the skin texture supple and smooth. It is designed for frequent use for infants, children and adults.

I have been using Boskin Emollient cream for 2 weeks and I love it. For the first time in years, my face no longer has red patches and it feels moisturized. You are not left with any perfume or chemical smell. It is very neutral, non-shiny and non-greasy upon application.

No break outs as well.  A plus, I don’t need to cover my face with foundation anymore.

I have very sensitive skin that will break out into a very unpleasant rash if the cream is not right.I have tired dermatologist recommended creams to very expensive creams.  A little bit goes a long way with this Boskin.

My five year old has very dry skin and red patches as well.

After a week of applying it to his arms and face only in the evening, I have noticed a difference already. The redness and the bumps have gone down by 30% already.  I will definitely be using this on him on a regular basis. Best cream ever!

Thanks Maria!

"For the first time in years my face no longer has red patches on it"

Sonia Kreeftenberg, Vancouver B.C.

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